Birthday Banner

Project Creator: Brother Australia

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> Brother ScanNCut machine
> String, glue • Make the size of all parts mounted on base paper 5.91″ x 5.53″


> Size of base paper when strung and folded over: 6.3″ x 4.92″
> Paper – 21 kinds • Trapezoid: 1.78″ x 4.92″
> Typical shape (BA-A123): 6.3″ x 4.92″
> Size of parts on base paper: 5.91″ x 4.51″
> Letters: 2.75″ high; width varies according to letter


> Create 3D décor by combining 6 pieces of the same shape folded together to create these custom spheres.

Step 1:

Birthday Banner 3

Select and cut the 4 built-in patterns for the banner shapes.

Built-in Patterns:

BA-A038 x 3

BA-A041 x 3

BA-A114 x 3

BA-A123 x 4

Step 2:

Birthday Banner 4

Choose a trapezoid-shaped built-in pattern and weld it to the top of each of the other built-in patterns. Make pieces that are slightly larger than the pieces from step 1. The difference in size will make passing string possible.

Built-in Patterns: BA-A029 x 13, BA-A038 x 3, BA-A041 x 3

BA-A114 x 3, BA-A123 x 4

Function: Editing Functions (Welding)

Step 3:

Birthday Banner 5

Attach the pieces from step 1 to the base pieces from step 2.

Step 4:

Birthday Banner 6

Select a built-in font to lay out and cut the letters. Built-in Pattern: FO-A002

Step 5:

Birthday Banner 7

Glue together the pieces from steps 1, 2, and 4

Step 6:

Birthday Banner 8

Fold the top parts over the string and glue in place. To allow the parts to slide, apply the glue at an area away from the string.

Congratulations! Your birthday banner is finished.