Comfortable Dog Bed

Project Creator: Fiona Kwok

If you liked the look of the Stylish Dog Bed from the Brother Christmas shoot, here are the instructions for you to make it yourself. It’s a great project to get the kids involved with for some crafty fun in the holidays.


> fabric scissors.
> matching thread.
> a Brother sewing machine.
> a needle and thread for finishing.
> 1kg of eco fibre fill. You can get all sorts of natural fills these days made from plant-based anti-bacterial fibres or planet friendly recycled plastic bottles. Any fill will do but consider using an anti-bacterial one that will help neutralise dog odours. Available online.

Materials Required

1 metre of 2 different fabrics
> 1 warm fluffy (winter) fabric such as the terry towelling I chose. Polar fleece or
brushed cotton (flannelette) would also work well.
> 1 heavy duty cotton (for summer) such as the pretty patchwork fabric I have used, or a drill/canvas would also work well. The important thing is to choose a fabric with a close weave so that bits of fibre fill won’t start poking through it.
Dog bed pics

* I have a Labrador so I needed a very large cushion! As patchwork fabrics come in 110cm wide (the terry was 150cm), I bought a 1 metre length of each fabric to make a 97cm x 107cm finished bed.


Step 1:

Cut your 2 fabrics together into a large rectangle. Mine was 110cm x 100cm.

Step 2:


With right sides together, sew together around the edges with a 1.5cm seam allowance. Leave a 20cm opening to turn through.

Step 3:
Dog bed pics

Once you have turned your dog bed right side out, press the edges so that the seam sits flat. Next top stitch around the edges again 1.5cm from the edge, stopping at your 20cm opening to make a decorative edge detail.

Step 4:

Now stuff your dog bed with the fibre fill making sure it’s distributed evenly and gets right into the corners.

Step 5:

Fold the edges of the 20cm long opening in to match the seam and pin, then top stitch to join up your original stitch line.

Step 6:
Dog bed pics

Now there will just be a 20cm opening in the outer edge seam. If you can fit this huge stuffed dog bed in the space next to your sewing machine then you can top stitch really close to the edge as I have done (see image to left)  (it won’t match the rest but I don’t think your dog will mind! If you can’t fit this on the machine, just stitch the gap closed with a needle and thread..

Step 7:
Dog bed pics

Add your dog and wait for the z’s!.