Denim Crop Top

Project Creator: Alice Nightingale


> Brother N535 Computerised Sewing Machine

Materials Required

> 50cm x 150cm wide Denim Fabric
>Matching thread
> 1-1.5m (must be more than bust measurement) Cotton Bias Binding
> 5 X Buttons
> 1-1.5m (must be more than bust measurement) Pom Pom Trim


Step 1:

Sew around edges of shoulder strap, leaving the small straight edge open. There are four straps in total.

Step 2:

Trim seams down to 0.5cm and turn out, using a pin to bring the point of the tie out. Press.

Step 3:


Press centre back seam back 1cm (fig1) then back a further 2cm (fig2)

Step 4:

Stich 0.5cm from folded edge and 0.5cm from centre back edge

Step 5:


Overlock side seam edges or overcast using G presser foot and stitch No.08 on your Brother NS35 computerised sewing machine (fig3)

Step 6:

Sew side seams, right sides together. Press open.

Step 7:


Pin shoulder ties 1cm from arm edge (fig4)

Step 8:


Stitch bias binding 0.5cm from edge, folding edges over 1cm at centre back (fig5)

Step 9:


Press binding down onto wrong side of fabric, trimming away any bulky denim (fig6)

Step 10:

Sew binding down, 1cm from edge

Step 11:


Hem option 1 – Finish raw edge with decorative stitch No.58 on your Brother NS35 computerised sewing machine (fig7)

Step 12:


Hem option 2 – Attach and sew pom pom trim to right side of fabric, trim raw edges (fig8). Sew edge of hem to wrong side, making sure top of trim does not show on right side.

Step 13:

Mark buttonhole placement on left back button band and stitch using automatic buttonhole foot (I went with self-covered buttons!). Hand sew on buttons.

Now show off your own handmade cropped top!