Dog Bandana

Project Creator: Brother Australia

This project is perfect for using up those scraps of material. The bandana will be made to fit over the dog collar, requiring less fabric while being more comfortable for the dog. We’ve kept this project quite basic but you could take it up a level and add some personalisation to have your pet’s name: alphabets created with the ScanNCut machine and sewed onto the fabric would look great.


> Brother Sewing Machine
> Scissors, Measuring tape, Pins, Coordinating thread, Fabric scissors


> 2x pieces of fabric of your choice

Step 1:


Cut your material out to the size that best suits your dog. If you would like a reversible bandana you could choose two different fabric patterns. We recommend using light weight, washable cotton blend fabrics.

For this project, we used the following size and cut out 2 pieces of fabric:
Top: 8” (20.32cm)
Height: 5.5” (13.97cm)
Diagonals: 6.5” (16.51cm)

Once your fabrics are cut to size, sew your hem fully round each piece.

Step 2:

Take both pieces of fabric and align the long seam. With the good side of the fabric facing outward, sew the long seam together.

Step 3:

With the good side of each fabric side facing down, fold the bandana in half. It’s important to ensure the fold on each side are symmetrical.

Step 4:


Unfold your bandana and sew down each side. After sewing the sides, fold the bandana back in half and pin the diagonals together, keeping everything in place.

Step 5:

Sew a seam up each diagonal side making sure to stitch back on both ends to avoid unravelling.

Step 6:


Before turning the bandana inside out, trim off any excess fabric around the seams. This will make sure your bandana has a nice point.

Step 7:


After turning the bandana right side out, insert the dog collar into the pocket. Our bandana is being modelled by Wilson.