Easy Santa Sacks

Project Creator: Corrie Sebire


> Thread, scissors, ruler, pins and sewing supplies
> Brother Sewing Machine


> 1m of fabric (112cm wide) for each sack
> 20cm (about 6-7 inches) of fabric (112cm wide) for the sash
> Pillowcase to trace (optional)

Step 1:

Easy Santa Sacks 2

Construction: Santa Sack

Lay a standard pillowcase on your fabric and trace around with a 1.5cm-2cm seam allowance. Alternatively using a rotary cutter, ruler and mat cut out a rectangle on the fold of the fabric with measurements of 76 x 100cms (30 x 39 inches)

Step 2:

Cut out the sash – 6 inches by the width of your fabric. You could use the same fabric, a contrasting fabric or pick up some wide ribbon at the craft store

Step 3:

With right sides together on the pillowcase pin the sides and bottom of the pillowcase together and then sew with a 1.5cm seam allowance. Zig zag or overlock the edges you have just sewed.

Step 4:

Easy Santa Sacks 3

Take to the iron and with your sack still inside out put the opening over the edge of your ironing board. Fold over about 1cm the whole way around the opening of your sack/ pillowcase. Press well as you go around. Now fold over again and press.

Step 5:

Easy Santa Sacks 4

Take to your machine and sew around the top edge of your sack/pillowcase, creating the hem at the opening of your sack.

Step 6:

Easy Santa Sacks 5

Now let’s make a sash to tie up our sack, fold right sides together lengthwise and sew around all sides, leaving a small opening that you can pull the sash through. Trim corners, pull sash through the opening, press so that your seam is on the edge of your sash. Sew around with a ¼ inch seam ensuring the opening is now closed.

Fill your sack with presents, tie the sash and make sure you let the recipient know that it’s a pillowcase too!

Step 1:

Construction: Pillowcase

You will cut one piece of fabric 66 x 100cm (26 x 39 inches) and one strip 25x100cm (10 x 39 inches). I have used a contrasting fabric from the same range for my trim.

Step 2:

With right sides together, sew the short sides of the contrasting fabric together and then with wrong sides together fold the fabric over lengthwise the whole way around and press. Set aside.

Step 3:

Taking the larger piece of fabric, with right sides together sew the long ends of the pillowcase together and the short ends on one side (the bottom of the sack/ pillowcase). Zig zag or overlock the edges to prevent fraying. Trim corners and turn right side out.

Step 4:

Easy Santa Sacks 6

Slide the fabric strip over the pillowcase so that right sides are matching and raw edges are matching. Pin the contrasting fabric loop that you have made to the opening of the sack/ pillowcase.

Step 5:

Easy Santa Sacks 7

Sew around with a 1cm seam. Turn out the contrasting trim and press the raw edges to the inside of the pillowcase. Top stitch around on the sack/pillowcase with the raw edges underneath. I top stitch with my needle in the centre position on the pillowcase with the contrast trim to the right of me.

Congratulations your Christmas pillowcase is now complete!