Egg Pillow

Project Creator: Christine Lafian


> White and yellow thread
> Brother N535 Computerised Sewing Machine
> Pencil / Fabric marking pen
> Circular template
> Fabric Scissors
> Pins/general sewing supplies


> 2m x 2m width Regular Cotton (homespun) in White
> 2m length Regular Cotton (homespun) in Yellow
> 2m x 2m width Craft wadding or cotton batting

Step 1:

There are 2 pieces to the egg quilt – the egg yolk (yellow fabric) and egg white (white fabric). First we’ll cut the base of the quilt. Double over your white fabric along the horizontal axis. With your pencil, freehand an irregular splatter shape (approx. 1.5m-2m in circumference). Place wadding underneath, pin all layers together in place and cut out the shape you’ve drawn. *optional: for a thicker quilt, simply double over the wadding when cutting or just use a thicker wadding. For ease of sewing thicker wadding we recommend using Brothers optional walking foot accessory which is compatible with all Brother computerised sewing machines.

Step 2:

For the ‘yolk’, double over your yellow fabric and use a circular template to draw the egg yolk on your yellow fabric (I used a large pot lid). Pin together the fabric with a double layer of wadding and cut out the circular shape.

Step 3:

Egg Pillow 3

Now we sew the pieces inside out. Stack your wadding, front white panel and back white panel (right sides facing in), pinning the edges in place. Sew the edge of your egg shape using a straight stitch, about 5mm from the edge of the fabric. Leave about a 5cm opening. Do the same with your yellow pieces.

Optional TIP: if you have many strong curves on your egg white base, you can ‘notch’ the concave curves and ‘clip’ every convex curve Picture from This will prevent bunching and leave you with much smoother edges.

Step 4:

Invert your egg white and egg yolk, tucking the batting material in evenly. Hand stitch the small openings closed, using a blind stitch.

Step 5:

Position the egg yolk a bit off-centre and hand sew it in place using a zig zag stitch so it sits a bit puffy off the quilt. All done! Enjoy your egg-cellent quilt.