Festive Donut Wreath

Project Creator: Pip Lincolne


> A large circular object to trace around (For example: a ceramic platter)
> A smaller circular object to trace for the donut hole (For example: a sugar bowl)
> Brother NS55 sewing machine
> Scissors
> Pins
> Measuring tape or ruler
> Paper and pencil
> Hot glue gun and glue


> 1m of brown cotton fabric (For donut base)
> 1m of pink cotton fabric (For donut icing)
> Felt in colours you like (For sprinkles)
> Green felt for holly leaves
> White cotton thread
> Green thread
> Needle

Step 1:

Using your large circle object as a template, trace and cut two brown and one pink circle shape (that’s three circles!).

Step 2:

Next, you need to cut the donut hole – trace the hole onto some paper to create a template. Fold that circular template in half and in half again. Fold each of your circle shapes in half and in half again. Pop the still folded circle template atop each folded circle fabric shape, matching the inner point. This is how we get our donut holes neatly lined up. Cut out through all the folded layers. Repeat for each folded donut circle, using the folded paper template, lining up the pointed ends. Now you should have three donut shapes with neatly matching inner circles!

Step 3:

Lay one brown donut right side up. On top of the brown donut, lay one pink donut (right side up) matching all the raw edges. Lay the other brown donut on top of the above, this time with the right side down. Pin into place to secure.

Step 4:

Sew around the outside of the donut 1cm from the raw edge – ALMOST all the way around the circle. You need to leave a gap of 10cm unstitched (this is where you will stuff the donut later!) Snip all your loose threads. Turn right way out. Press around just-stitched edge.

Step 5:

Line up all the raw edges of the donut holes (there are 3 of them!) with the pink donut side facing you. Now you want to create a neat folded edge around the middle of the donut. Take your time doing this; grab your pins and begin tucking the top TWO edges under 5mm to hide their raw edge AND the bottom donut edge over 5mm too. You’re aiming to have all the raw donut hole edges tucked away inside, creating a neat folded finish. Use lots of pins and go slowly for best results.

Step 6:

Once you have tucked and pinned the entire inner circle (donut hole!), leaving no raw fabric edges exposed, head to the sewing machine and begin sewing the donut middle edge into place. Take your time, stitching as close to the folded edge as possible to secure all those raw edges inside. Remove the pins as you sew and remember to go slowly for best results. Once you are done, stitch around the donut hole one more time, a few millimetres in from the line you just stitched. Snip your loose threads neatly to tidy everything up.

Step 7:

Next, stuff the donut through the unstitched 10cm gap, using small pieces of stuffing. Again, take your time and stuff as evenly as you can. When you are nearly done stuffing, begin sewing up the gap you left, adding little bits of stuffing as you do. Stitch and stuff until your donut is nicely filled and firmly sewn closed.

Step 8:

Let’s make the sprinkles next: Cut thin strips of felt and glue them into place as shown in our donut wreath. Mine were around half a centimetre wide and 6 cm long.

Step 9:

Add the hanger: Sew the cord firmly into place on each side of the donut. Be sure they are evenly positioned so that your donut hangs neatly. Knot the ends of the cord for a neat finish.

Step 10:

Add the Christmas: Cut out some holly shapes using the green felt and sew them onto your donut using the green thread.

Step 11:

Trim any loose threads, rogue bits of stuffing or gluey bits. That’s it! You’re all done.