Personalised Valentine’s Day Art

Project Creator: Kate O’Keeffe

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> A Brother ScanNCut Machine
> A Computer with internet access


> Cardboard- 160gsm 12 X12 (2 colours)
> Doubled sided tape or glue if needed

Step 1:

Download the tree.svg file to your computers desktop.

Step 2:

Open your web browser and go to

Step 3:

Type in your log in details or if unregistered follow the registration process.

Step 4:

Once logged in click on this button to start a new project. Personalised Valentines Art 10

Step 5:

Personalised Valentines Art 2

Then Click on this button to upload the svg file you downloaded in Step 1.

Step 6:

Personalised Valentines Art 3

Go to the sidebar and select the font on the top right.

Step 7:

Type your initials in the text box.

Step 8:

Personalised Valentines Art 4

To complete the customised heart go to the side bar and select basicand select the heart which will then make the heart appear on the mat.

Step 9:

Move the text box with your initials to overlap the heart shape – making sure the the letters overhang the heart shape like this:

Step 10:

Select both the heart and the text box by holding down the shift key and clicking on each element.

Step 11:

Personalised Valentines Art 6

Once selected (both elements will appear with dotted lines around them) go to the Edit tab at the top of the page and select the subtract icon as per below.

Step 12:

Personalised Valentines Art 7

You heart should appear like this:

Step 13:

Select the heart and move it over to the tree resizing if needed.

Step 14:

Personalised Valentines Art 8

Holding down the shift key select the tree and the heart and again go to the Edit tab at the top of the page and select the subtract icon as per step 14.

Step 15:

Your tree with should look like the above.

Step 16:

Personalised Valentines Art 9

Then click on the download button.

Step 17:

Save to your computer and your USB device or just send to machine via Wi-Fi if using CM900.

Step 18:

Turn on your ScanNCut Machine and put in your USB into the USB slot.

Step 19:

Select Pattern from the initial screen and select the USB symbol and your pattern which will appear as a preview.

Step 20:

Load Mat and select Cut once you are happy with the sizing and positioning which you can edit on the ScanNCut Screen.

Step 21:

The ScanNCut will then Cut the fcm fileStep 22Carefully remove the cardstock and paste onto a card or frame as an Artwork. Congratulations your Customised Valentines Art is complete.