Radiant Reindeer Pet Ears

Project Creator: Carina Rego

This project is a fun way to get even the furriest member of the family into the spirit of Christmas.


> Scissors
> Pins
> Needle
> Brother sewing machine

Materials Required

> Felt – colour of choice – we used dark brown
> 6mm sequins cup – matching felt colour – we used bronze
> DMC thread – complimentary to felt colour – we used satin 321
> Covered headband – alternatively you can cover in grosgrain ribbon
> Florist wire
> Thread – matching felt colour – we used brown
> Template

Step 1:

Print and cut template. Feel free to enlarge as required. Pin template to felt.

Step 2:

Cut 4 ears from the felt.

Step 3:

Sew the sequins randomly on each ear. Secure with stitch of choice. We used a French knot.

Step 4:

Continue to cover 2 ears with sequins, ensuring you sew the sequins onto a ‘left’ and a ‘right’, they should be a mirror image. Note: Don’t sew sequins too close to the edges as you will be sewing a 3mm seam around the edge later.

Step 5:

Bend the florist wire into an approximate shape of the ear. Do this for both ears.

Step 6:

Secure florist wire with running stitch to felt [non-sequin panel], ensure the thread cannot be seen on the right side of the felt. Repeat with second ear.

Step 7:

With wrong sides together sew a 3mm [⅛ in] seam allowance around the entire ear except for the base [leave this as an opening]. Start sewing 1 cm [⅜ in] from the base and finish 1 cm [⅜ in] above the base. Trim any uneven edges if necessary.

Step 8:

Insert the headband in the opening and wrap the felt around the headband. Secure in place by sewing the base of the ears together as shown.