Trick or Treat Bags

Project Creator: Corrie Sebire

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> Iron
> Brother Embroidery/sewing machine (Machines used: VM6200D)
> Pins
> Scissors or rotary cutter and mat


> ½ metre of fabric for exterior ( I used 2 different fabrics for mine)
> ½ metre of contrasting fabric for lining
> Tear away stabiliser if machine embroidering
> Embroidery thread if embroidering • A4 paper as template


Construction Notes

You can make these bags in one fabric with contrasting lining or piece together 2 different fabrics for the exterior.

If you choose to embroider the bag then do that on a larger piece of fabric and then trim down to the template size

If you use the black fabric and are doing machine embroidery be sure to use Brother black bobbin in the bobbin thread for machine embroidery.

I have used a seam allowance of 1.5cms throughout.

Step 1:


If you are doing machine embroidery then prepare your fabric by attaching the stabiliser to the back of the fabric you wish to embroider. Place in hoop. For the design I chose the pumpkin that comes built into the Brother Dreamweaver VM6200D and I then added one of the fonts for Happy Halloween and positioned around the Halloween.

Step 2:

I resize the design a little and used my large 300 X 180mm hoop that is included with the machine.

Step 3:

Trick or Treat Bags 2

Remove the stabiliser and cut down the fabric to A4 size or half A4 size if doing a contrasting front. For both bag designs, using a piece of A4 paper as your template pin to the right side of your fabric and cut out 2 pieces for your exterior and 2 pieces of fabric for your lining. I like a contrasting fabric inside but it’s up to you. Cut a 4 inch strip from your fabric across the width of the fabric which will be used for your handles.

Step 4:

Trick or Treat Bags 3

If you want to have 2 fabrics on the exterior of the bag then cut the exterior pieces and join and trim down to the size of the template or trim lining fabric pieces to the size of new exterior piece. Pin right sides of the exterior fabric together and sew the side and bottom seams. Trim bottom corners. Repeat with the lining fabric. If you want to leave an opening on the bottom of the lining fabric bag leave a couple of inches open and you can use that to help you turn your back right side out later on.

Step 5:

Trick or Treat Bags 4

Turn the lining of the bag right side out and slide inside the exterior bag that you have sewn so that right sides of the lining and right sides of the bag are together. Pin around the top of the bag. Take the 4 inch strip of fabric to the iron and fold in half lengthwise and press. Open out and fold each edge of the fabric in towards the folded line and press. Fold over and press.

Step 6:

Trick or Treat Bags 5

You will have one long folded piece of fabric that you will sew and then cut into 2. Then sew the open edge together from one end to the other to create the strap. If you like you can sew on the other edge (the folded edge) to create stitches on both sides of your bag handles. Cut handle into 2 equal pieces.

Step 7:

Trick or Treat Bags 6

Make sure that they don’t twist, tuck the bag handles one side at a time in between the lining fabric and exterior of the bag. It’s so important they aren’t twisted and here is how your handle will look before you slip it inside between the exterior of the bag and the lining.

Step 8:

Trick or Treat Bags 7

Pin around the top of the bag. I like to have some excess of the straps above the edge of the bag so that I don’t lose a strap and then I can trim down later.

Step 9:

Trick or Treat Bags 8

Sew around the top of the bag leaving a small opening in between the handles on one side of the bag. **Alternatively when you sew the lining together leave an opening in the bottom seam and you can pull your complete bag through the opening and then sew the bottom seam of the lining together

Step 10:

Trick or Treat Bags 9

Pull the bag right side out through the opening.

Step 11:

Trick or Treat Bags 10

Push the lining into the inside of the bag and sew the opening closed. I like to do this by top stitching around the entire opening of the bag to make it neat. If you pulled your bag through the opening in the lining just stitch it closed.

Step 12:

Trick or Treat Bags 11

And you are ready to go trick or treating!