Paper Christmas Star Lantern

Project Creator: Fiona Michelon


> Scissors
> Brother ScanNCut machine
> Glue stick
> Super glue
> Hole punch


> White thick paper (we used 280gsm)
> Coloured cellophane
> Gold card
> String
> Star template
> For FCM files for ScanNCut: Plain Blank Star Detail Star

Step 1:


Load one of the above SVG files into the Brother ScanNCut Online Canvas – you can play around with the designs inside the shape to your choosing. When it’s all done, save to a USB and plug into the machine.

Step 2:

Paper Christmas Star Lantern 2

Load your paper onto the cutting mat. Quick tip: I like to add a bit of washi tape to the edges like the below just to keep it extra secure.

Step 3:

Paper Christmas Star Lantern 3

Load the mat in the machine. On the screen go to Pattern > Saved Data > USB. Select your template and start cutting. Cut 5 of these templates in total.

TIP: Once the machine has cut around the outside of the shape, I like to add some extra washi tape to keep the paper extra secure while it cuts the small inner details. See Example a

Paper Christmas Star Lantern 4

Step 4:

Paper Christmas Star Lantern 9

Add your gold card details to random areas of the star. Please your template on top of the back of your gold card and use a pencil to trace around the shape you wish to cover, then you’ll know how much to cut. Glue in place with a glue stick.

Step 5:

Cut a piece of cellophane large enough to cover one whole side and glue in place with a glue stick. I just went with an aqua blue colour but you could mix it up with lots of different coloured pieces.

Step 6:

Paper Christmas Star Lantern 5

Repeat this with all of your 5 pieces. Make sure all of your template are facing the same way though! You want this extra tab which you can see below on the right hand side to always sit on the right

Step 7:

Paper Christmas Star Lantern 6

Fold all of your dash marked edges so that it looks like the below.

Step 8:

Paper Christmas Star Lantern 7

Apply some super glue to the top of the side tab and place the template together, hold for 30 seconds until dry. Do this for all 5 pieces.

Step 9:

Paper Christmas Star Lantern 8

Apply glue to one of the two top tabs and connect with another piece. Once one side is dry, apply glue to the 2nd top tab and repeat. Do this with all 5 pieces and your star will start to take shape like the below!

Step 10:

When you’re all done, punch a small hole in the top of one point ready for hanging. Tie some string in a knot to secure it into place.

Congratulations your Paper Christmas Star Lantern is complete!