Christmas Paper Wreath

Project Creator: Jade Warne


> Scissors
> Brother ScanNCut machine
> Hot glue gun
> Ruler


> Paint chip samples (around 50)
> Styrofoam/wire/wooden wreath
> Florist wire (6cm)

Step 1:

Preparation: To make the leaf cut-outs

Download the leaf jpeg, convert to SVG then import into the Brother ScanNCut Online Canvas or simply use the BA-A095 design that is built-in to the ScanNCut CM550DX.

Step 2:

Resize the leaf to 8cm long, place two side by side, then duplicate the pair so you have one set every 10 cm squared.

Step 3:

Christmas Paper Wreath 2

Meanwhile, stick the paint chips to the low-tack standard mat.

Step 4:

Christmas Paper Wreath 3

Load the mat, cut the shapes, then remove from the mat and replace with new chips. You’ll need to cut around five sets = 9 x 2 x 5 = 90 leaves

Step 1:

Christmas Paper Wreath 4

The Wreath

Before you place any leaves on the wreath, you’ll want to make sure you have your hook positioned firmly for hanging after. For me, this meant tying a strang of florist wire and pressing it into the back of the styrofoam wreath

Step 2:

Christmas Paper Wreath 5

Lay the cut leaves out around the wreath to give you an idea of the progression. Start with the lightest/most white shade at the top and aim to feature the darkest shade opposite that at the bottom

Step 1:

Christmas Paper Wreath 6

Construction: The Wreath

To give the leaves a natural appearance, fold them down the middle along the edge of a ruler

Step 2:

Christmas Paper Wreath 7

Warm up the glue gun and start by sticking down the white leaves at the top of the wreath. Use each new leaf to cover the base of the previous leaves. I featured about 3 – 6 leaves of each shade before progressing to the next.

Step 3:

Continue to add leaves until all the white space on the wreath is filled.

Congratulations your paint chip wreath is complete!